Kreyos Unpacking

Once upon a Time, there was a crowd funding campaign for “The next Generation Smartwatch”

After Pepple and Sony SW2 it should be the next big Smartwatch. But there was a Problem....

...another one...

...not again....


More than a Year after the Campain ended with the 15x of the planned Goal, the Smartwatch arrived.

Here, I will show you some unpacking and first Impressions of this glorious product:

After fully unpacking all Items, you have to charge with the included Charging Adapter

IMG_20140827_160817.jpg %}

First App Start

The Android App looks really beautiful. NOT!

To connect your Kreyos with the Android Device, you have to try it really hard. Paired in the System Bluetooth Settings, you have to pair it again, in the App 2-3 times, until the App recognises the Device.

I don't have to explain every Screenshot. Why the Firmware Download wasn't successfully is a mystery. The Path to the Image is already correct [2]

Right after the User confirm the Error Dialog, another "Check for Update" Screen opens and the Kreyos will be flashed. But no, the Update wasn't complete.

When the Update Dialog finished, the Watch wouldn't restart. This is a known Bug [3]


I will post more in the next days.