Android Material Design Icons

Create an Icon for Android isn't that easy since Google announced Material Design

So you have to create a complete new Icon for Material Design

This is what i've made for my redesigned version of the upcoming Handball Bayern App update

Google Material Design Spec for Product Icons

Nice Tutorial for Product Icons

Android Auto was announced on June 25, 2014 at Google I/O in San francisco. The official mobile App was release on March 19, 2015 for US Accounts only

Since then it has become obvious that google will beat Apple on their Car Play.


At this juncture you can extend your app in two types of representation.


Audio Apps

Here you can browse music and listen to music on android auto

Messaging Apps

recieve incoming notifications, read messages via Text-to-Speak and send replies via voice input


Auto-enabled apps cannot be published to Google Play at this time


I developed an Audio Sample for the Google Developer Group Munich Android Meetup on Aprlil 1, 2015 in cooperation with Audi Ingolstadt.

Not everyone has access to a Demo System of Android Auto, so Google released an Android Simulator which can be installed right on your phone

These Simulator can be installed via SDK Manager and found at 'android-sdk/extras/google/simulators/'


Start editing your AndroidManifest, set targetSdk to 21 or higher and add these entry

<meta-data android:name=“”

the resource describe which type of automotive app do you want to offer

   <uses name=“media”/>

To represent your media on Android Auto, you have to implement an Media Browser.

You will find a complete Sample on github:


Implement the MediaSession.Callback object to enable playback controls

public void onPlayFromMediaId(String mediaId, Bundle extras)
    //is the callback that the system uses when a MediaItem with the FLAG_PLAYABLE property is clicked

public void onPlay()
    //Invoked if the user chooses play without choosing a specific item

public void onPause() / onStop()
    //do some Magic

public void onSkipToNext() / onSkipToPrevious()

public void onPlayFromSearch(String query, Bundle extras)
    //take a deep breath and play some random item