Droidcon UK Summary

Like every year, I had again the pleasure of attending Droidcon UK in London last week. To share my impressions I wrote these small summary of some talks I was listen to.


Google's Chief Game Designer Noah Falstein told about how development evolved over years. He started as a game designer in 1980 and worked on popular games like Sinistar, Secret of Monkey Island and Indiana Jones. In the keynote he created a relation between cave-paintings and VR. He also gives a prospective about future VR and AR and explained his cause of why VR is much more than only a game technology.

Android M-Preview

M-Preview for Android was announced today at the Google I/O 2015.
The default installation with ‘flash-all’ failed with a notorious error

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Android Material Design Icons

Create an Icon for Android isn't that easy since Google announced Material Design

So you have to create a complete new Icon for Material Design

This is what i've made for my redesigned version of the upcoming Handball Bayern App update

Android Auto

Android Auto was announced on June 25, 2014 at Google I/O in San francisco. The official mobile App was release on March 19, 2015 for US Accounts only

Since then it has become obvious that google will beat Apple on their Car Play.


At this juncture you can extend your app in two types of representation.


Audio Apps

Here you can browse music and listen to music on android auto

Android Gradle

Gradleware released Gradle 2.3 this week, so I decided to write my overdue post about Gradle and the new Android buildsystem for Android Studio.

Google announced the new Gradle-based build system on Mai 15, 2013 at Google I/O in San francisco.



Gradle is first of all an open-source build system
general purpose platform agnostic with extensions for java, c++, scala, android, et cetera

what are the benefiz of gradle to make it worth, switching from maven or ant

  • performance
  • maintainability
  • usability
  • extendability
  • standardazitaion


A Famous quote has nothing to do with software development but you can apply it

We make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant.

Gradleware, the company behind Gradle, want to apply those requirements in gradle


Kreyos Unpacking

Once upon a Time, there was a crowd funding campaign for “The next Generation Smartwatch”

After Pepple and Sony SW2 it should be the next big Smartwatch. But there was a Problem....

...another one...

...not again....


More than a Year after the Campain ended with the 15x of the planned Goal, the Smartwatch arrived.

Here, I will show you some unpacking and first Impressions of this glorious product:

Moving Files / Directories Between Git Repositories Without Loosing History

To Move some Files or Directories from one Git Repository to another one preserving the Git History you can use the "--subdirectory-filter".

With this option, all Commits are parsed to find everyone, matching your selected files.

Make always a copy of your Repositories before starting to Move something, so you wan't loose any Data if something get wrong.

Same procedure was already used by Linus Torvalds the principal force behind the development of the Linux kernel [1] in his "The coolest merge EVER!" [2]


Here are the Initial two Repositories:

|-- RepositoryA
| `-- ContentA
| `-- contentA.txt
`-- RepositoryB
 `-- ContentB
 `-- contentB.txt

CI Für Android (5/5) – Test Driven Development

Sorry guys, I think this Series wouldn't be finished.

I hadn't enough Time to finish it. And in the mean Time there came a lot of changes like, Android Studio. So perhaps I will rework every Post in this Series later.