Stürmer Benjamin

Programming & Photography
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I'm working as a fulltime mobile Developer at Quartett mobile in Munich. I've spoken on the Droidcon in London and was part of the code camp in Munich. In my freetime I work on several projects and apps for fun.



I was booked for several weddings, company events and private fotoshoots. I've traveled around the world to take amazing pictures and it is still my favorite hobby. My profound knowledge covers studio photography, architecture and portrait.



I offer services for information technologies in general, where I provide knowledge in different scopes. You can order webdesign, programming and network planning just as create special it-solutions.

"Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world."
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Photo Gallery

2.8f - 300mm - 15 2.8f - 55mm - 1/2500 14f - 10mm - 30 2.8f - 55mm - 1/640 2.0f - 10mm - 1/550 image 3.2f - 75mm - 1/250 1.8f - 50mm - 1/200 1.8f - 50mm - 1/8000 22f - 10mm - 1.3 7.1f - 10mm - 10 2.8f - 55mm - 1/2500 22f - 10mm - 1.3 22f - 10mm - 1.3 22f - 10mm - 1.3 22f - 10mm - 1.3 22f - 10mm - 1.3 22f - 10mm - 1.3 10f - 10mm - 10 22f - 10mm - 1.3 6.3f - 70mm - 1/640 22f - 200mm - 10
"Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program."
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Time Tracker

This app tracks your wifi connects and disconnects with the current timestamp. In the next version there will also be geofences.

All Timeline entries can be filtered by date and type.

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Camera Remote

Create your camera configuration for your SONY camera everywhere. Share your configurations with friends or save it as preset for later usage. Send configurations to your SONY camera when it is mounted on a tripod or create stunning HDR images on the fly without touching the camera itself.
The app supports also a preview on the phone, so you can adjust the view direction before triggering a photo.

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Handball Bayern

See the scoretable of your favorite bavarian handball team on a glance with only a few clicks. Currently there is only an android version but a webapp is also planned.

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