Camera Remote
Camera Remote
Remote control for wifi enabled SONY cameras to create HDR Images directly from your phone.

  • android
  • SONY Camera Remote API
  • Handball Bayern
    Handball Bayern
    This is a android app to get a look at your favorites team scoretable. Handball app works currently only on android but a webapp is also planned.

  • android
  • firebase
  • admob
  • flask REST-API
  • Sensor Dashboard
    Sensor Dashboard
    An Android app for collecting all sensor data of a android wear. This project was written at the Hackathon 2014 in London by Juhani Lehtimäki and Sebastian Kaspari.

  • android wear
  • database
  • otto eventbus
  • TimeTracker
    Track everytime you join or leave a known wifi, or if you enter a geofence.

  • android
  • firebase
  • geofences
  • beacons